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Below is the collection of publicly-advertised Mailman mailing lists on Click on a list name to visit the configuration pages for that list.To visit the administrators configuration page for an unadvertised list, open a URL similar to this one, but with a '/' and the list name appended. If you have the proper authority, you can also create a new mailing list.

General list information can be found at the mailing list overview page.

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List Description
Adlib-jocaml-commits cvs commits
Amthing-commits cvs commits
Anum-commits Commits
Archimedes-commits cvs commits
Argot-commits cvs commits
Asyncore-commits Commits
Batteries-commits cvs commits
Batteries-devel Developer mailing-list for Batteries Included
Batteries-discuss General discussions on Batteries Included
Biniou-commits Commits
Bisect-commits cvs commits
Blahcaml-commits cvs commits
Bolt-commits cvs commits
Book-commits cvs commits
Bookaml-commits Commits
Btree-commits cvs commits
Calendar-commits cvs commits
Camera-rescue-commits Commits
Caml-foreign-commits darcs commits
Caml-foreign-devel Main caml-foreign list, for users and developers
Caml-inspect-commits Commits
Caml2html-commits cvs commits
Camlbz2-commits cvs commits
Camlhighlight-commits cvs commits
Camlidl-commits Commits
Camljava-commits Commits
Camlspikes-commits cvs commits
Camltemplate-commits cvs commits
Camlzip-commits Commits
Caravel-commits cvs commits
Ccell-commits cvs commits
Ccell-devel for bug reports, feature request and developer.
Ccss-commits Commits
Cellauto-commits cvs commits
Cloudproxy-commits cvs commits
Cmdline-args-commits Commits
Cocanwiki-commits cvs commits
Comm-ocaml-commits cvs commits
Config-file-commits cvs commits
Cowboy-commits Commits
Cppo-commits cvs commits
Cryptokit-commits Commits
Csml-commits cvs commits
Csml-general General discussion about CSML
Csv-commits cvs commits
Daml-commits cvs commits
Daml-users Mailing list for users of daml.
Dbus-static-commits Commits
Dyn-commits cvs commits
Dypgen-commits cvs commits
Dypgen-discuss discussions on dypgen
Easy-format-commits cvs commits
Easyocaml-commits cvs commits
Efuns-commits Commits
Encoding-commits cvs commits
Env-commits cvs commits
Estring-commits cvs commits
Ethread-commits cvs commits
Extunix-commits Commits
Fiat-shamir-zkp-commits Commits
Filib-commits cvs commits
Format-commits Commits
Furypuyo-commits cvs commits
Gaml-commits cvs commits
Genepool-commits cvs commits
Glmlite-commits Commits
Gtk-extras-commits cvs commits
Gtk-extras-list Discussion about lablgtk-extras
Gtk-light-commits Commits
Guizmin-commits Commits
Headache-commits cvs commits
Hlibrary-commits Commits
Hlins-commits cvs commits
Hlvm-commits cvs commits
Hlvm-list Discuss anything and everything about the HLVM project.
Homotopy-commits cvs commits
Hypertable-commits Commits
Hypomnemata-commits Commits
Irextools-commits cvs commits
Json-static-commits cvs commits
Kaputt-commits cvs commits
Lambdium-commits cvs commits
Lambdoc-commits cvs commits
Lastfm-commits Commits
Lasvegas-geom-commits Commits
Ld-ocaml-commits Commits
Libaio-ocaml-commits cvs commits
Libbitorrent-commits cvs commits
Libertine-commits cvs commits
Libfuse-ocaml-commits cvs commits
Life-commits cvs commits
Litiom-commits cvs commits
Litllib-commits cvs commits
Littlegp-commits cvs commits
Llists-commits cvs commits
Lolcaml-commits cvs commits
Lpd-commits cvs commits
Lwt-plus-commits cvs commits
Lwt-plus-devel Developer mailing-list
Macaque-commits cvs commits
Mascot-commits cvs commits
Medoc-commits cvs commits
Melt-commits cvs commits
Melt-general Find help or discuss Melt features.
Memcache-ocaml-commits Commits
Micmatch-commits cvs commits
Ml-gammu-commits Commits
Mlblocks-commits cvs commits
Mleternal-commits Commits
Mlpost-commits svn commits for Mlpost
Mlpost-users General Discussion for Mlpost Users
Mlwebmonitor-commits cvs commits
Mmix-sim-commits cvs commits
Mpfi-commits Commits
Mvc-commits cvs commits
Netplus-commits cvs commits
Newhope-commits cvs commits
Newhope-devel Mailing list dedicated to NewHope's development
Newsadmin-commits commits
OASIS-devel Developer discussion about OASIS
Objsize-commits cvs commits
Obuild-examples-commits cvs commits
Obus-commits cvs commits
Ocaml-autobuild-commits cvs commits
Ocaml-autoconf-commits cvs commits
Ocaml-benchmark-commits Commits
Ocaml-boxes-commits Commits
ocaml-content-commits cvs commits
Ocaml-cyclist-commits Commits
Ocaml-dbf-commits cvs commits
Ocaml-expect-commits Commits
Ocaml-fd-commits cvs commits
Ocaml-fileutils-commits cvs commits
Ocaml-freetds-commits Commits
Ocaml-fsync-commits cvs commits
Ocaml-getopt-commits cvs commits
Ocaml-gettext-commits cvs commits
Ocaml-gir-commits cvs commits
Ocaml-glob-commits cvs commits
Ocaml-http-commits cvs commits
Ocaml-http-users OCaml HTTP users group
Ocaml-idaho-commits cvs commits
Ocaml-installer-commits Commits
Ocaml-iteratees-commits Commits
Ocaml-lua-commits Commits
Ocaml-lua-devel Discussions about ocaml-lua
Ocaml-lzma-commits Commits
Ocaml-meeting-commits cvs commits
Ocaml-meeting-japan Talks and organization mailing list (Japanese team)
Ocaml-meeting-organization Talks and organization mailing list
Ocaml-metrics-commits cvs commits
Ocaml-mindstorm-commits cvs commits
Ocaml-moifile-commits Commits
Ocaml-monetdb5-commits Commits
Ocaml-monetdb5-devel Development list for OCaml-MonetDB5
Ocaml-mysql-commits Commits
Ocaml-nntp-commits Commits
Ocaml-semaphore-commits Commits
Ocaml-sfml-commits Commits
Ocaml-solitaire-commits cvs commits
Ocaml-sqlexpr-commits Commits
Ocaml-tee-commits cvs commits
Ocaml-tests-commits cvs commits
Ocaml-text-commits cvs commits
Ocaml-uint-commits Commits
Ocaml-usb-commits cvs commits
Ocamlagrep-commits Commits
Ocamlbob-commits Commits
Ocamlbuildplus-commits cvs commits
Ocamlcore-theme-commits cvs commits
Ocamlduce-commits git commits
Ocamleditor-commits Commits
Ocamlfpdf-commits Commits
Ocamlify-commits cvs commits
Ocamljudy-commits cvs commits
Ocamlmpi-commits Commits
Ocamlmq-commits Commits
Ocamlspotter-commits Commits
Ocamltex2-commits cvs commits
Ocamlunix-commits cvs commits
Ocamlviz-commits cvs commits
Ocamlviz-contact suggest ideas and submits problems
Ocamlviz-devs Developpers Mailing-list
Oclosure-commits Commits
Ocsforge-commits cvs commits
Ocsoap-commits Commits
Ocurl-cache-commits Envois
Odblib-commits cvs commits
Odepack-commits Commits
Odn-commits Commits
Ohudson-commits cvs commits
Ohudson-discuss Discussion List for OHudson
Okahep-commits cvs commits
Omonitor-applet-commits cvs commits
Onotify-announce Onotify announces
Onotify-commits Commits
Onotify-devel Bug reporting, miscellaneous questions, ...
Ontodata-commits Commits
Optcomp-commits cvs commits
Orakuda-commits cvs commits
Ospec-commits cvs commits
Ounit-commits Commits
Ounit-devel Discussions about ounit
Overbld-commits cvs commits
Pa-do-commits cvs commits
Pa-polyrec-commits cvs commits
Pa-where-commits cvs commits
Peerrating-commits commits
Phylomel-commits cvs commits
Plandot-commits Commits
Regstab-commits cvs commits
Rope-commits cvs commits
Sasl-ocaml-commits cvs commits
Sebib-commits Commits
Siteadmin-commits commits
Spamoracle-commits cvs commits
Sphinx-commits Commits
Tbf-commits cvs commits
Template-commits cvs commits
Test-toots-commits cvs commits
Tophide-commits cvs commits
Torstat-commits cvs commits
Tuareg-commits cvs commits
Tuareg-mode Discussion about tuareg
Twt-commits cvs commits
Uint64lib-commits cvs commits
Winsvc-commits Commits
Xdg-basedir-commits Commits
Yaml4caml-commits cvs commits
Yaxpo-commits cvs commits
Yojson-commits Commits
Yypkg-commits Commits

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